After the premiere year with over two million streams, the editorial team at Wenström Television is ready again for ten new episodes.

The episodes are released freely on the YouTube channel WTV (Wenström Television) on the first Monday of each month, starting today, March 4th!

Latest video from 18 Minutes

Henrik Stenson at home. About the new, own initiative to get more children to start playing golf. About tearing down the rules and offering juniors free play on their own super course.

Relations with the association and cheating as a 12-year-old. Plus: Tour Life's Blue Monday, tips on setting your sights better and testing stylish tour-style irons - is there something for everyone?

18 Minutes - Round 13

The national team from the inside. Unique insight into how minor stars are trained to become major players. Mapping the delayed peace of the tour war. Is Tiger brokering or prolonging the feud? The ex-star who shrugs it off. Bunker tips, seasonal shoe trends and more.

18 Minutes - Round 12

In this episode titled "Round 12 - The Master Plan", you can expect a lot of exciting content. We catch up with Team Ludvig Åberg ahead of their Major debut and learn about their innermost secrets. 

You'll also get to see the tactical drawings for Augusta and hear about their special long-distance training. Moreover, the panel spins off with two different wedges and a new diary chapter from another part of the tour life. 

18 Minutes - Round 11

Season premiere! Team Ludvig Åberg reveals the historically high target. Exclusive insight into the Swedish talent factory. The national team panel tests the spring driving trend. Course visits, one-minute tips and a diary from another part of professional life.